Our event for this year

Sat. r 2016

Private Parties presents a special night featuring (aka ) & !
Get ready for a party that its excellent organizing, the private character and the groove sounds are enough to give you a different dance experience. Enjoy the mood and share these momments with people you love!
Doors open after 23:00. Free entrance and special prices for all members.

For more info or making a reservation please visit our web site and feel free to contact us:

  •    Date:

    Not available

  •    Time:

    23:30 - 06:00

  •    Place:

    Not available

  •    Location:

    Not available

  •    DJs:

    Not available

  •    Prices:

    Free entrance

  •    Tel:

    +30 6940-568969

  •    Event:

    Facebook Event

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