Alek Sander

Member of Private Parties team and one of Serbia's most promising young DJs and producers.


  Alek Sander (aka Aleksandar Mrdjan), a young artist from Serbia, is building his career for a 5 years now. As his music taste progressed, it led to withdrawal some of his earlier releases from youtube, beatport and itunes considering "they were to commercial".
  Now that he reached his wanted sound, he started from bottom and gradually improves it. He is student of Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (State of Exit festival), Serbia. One of 7 people managed to enter these studies on Sound Recording and Design course, and one of 5 on scholarship from the republic budget.
  As a young DJ (born in '94), Alek Sander managed to play a lot of local parties and festivals and have vast experience. First tracks and remixes were based on collaborations with some international artists and friends, and played in many events.

  Alek Sander is long time friend with Giorgos Tsigkrelis, founder of Private Parties. Sharing thoughts, advices, knowledge and love for electronic music, it's production and all about it, made this friendship quite something.
Thanks to Giorgos, Alek is now part of this team and hopefully soon will be his guest in some of upcoming Private Parties in Athens.